Cross Functional Tranining Program

Beginner Program

This program is designed to be completed in a months time. Each session should take around 45minutes to complete .The program is focused to improve flexibility , reduce muscle tension,increase your range of motion,prevent injuries to muscles and joints,reduce your risk of back problems,promote circulation and reduce muscle soreness. This program will help you progress to intermediate training.

Intermediate Program

The Intermediate Level Strength Program is intended for the healthy, active person who already has had a consistent workout regimen.The program helps to prevent injuries, improves your body’s muscle to fat ratio, and helps you develop a smooth, toned appearance.

Personal Training

If you are looking for personal attention and have specific fitness goals in mind then you are in luck. Crossone fitness has designed this program to give undivided attention for members with assured results.This program also is designed for athletes,cricketers,gymnast,footballers etc